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Recirculation is a multiple, full or partial return of the fluid of gas, liquid or solid substances in the technological process aimed at the reduction of the expenditure or increasing the effectiveness of its use. It is used on ships, during the process of sanitation of grain, which is loaded in bulks.

Advantages of recirculation

The recirculation system is established in the hold of the ship to speed up the process of the load fumigation in the transit and to speed up its degasification in the port of discharge to avoid vessel idleness. Recirculation of fumigation gas is now the most efficient, widespread and cost-effective processing method of marine fumigation.

Recirculation in port elevators will be efficient and safe in case the walls of the granary are gas-tight. It is important to avoid the escape of gaseous fumigant mixture, in order to prevent a decrease of sanitation efficiency and the contamination of the environment. If necessary, before the recirculation additional sealing of the inner walls of the granary should be made.

Recirculation performed by LLC AGRO FUM COMPANY

LLC AGRO FUM COMPANY provides a full range of service in the sphere of the transit fumigation of agricultural loads, exported in the ship holds. Active fumigation is carried out with the use of modern equipment and following the processing method requirements for all stages of the recirculation system establishment.