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Fumigation is a method of pest and plant disease pathogens control by their sanitation using gaseous fumigant substances. A chemical substance affects insects and animals penetrating in their airways. The fumigation is effective for the processing of industrial and agricultural products and is performed in warehouses and containers on the ship.

Advantages of fumigation

Fumigation is one of the most effective ways of pest control. For a certain type of pest, the necessary concentration of the chemical substance is selected, the correct temperature and pressure are created for its delivery. Due to the use of fumigant in the gaseous phase, the substance is distributed evenly, ensuring complete disinfection.

Fumigation can be performed in warehouses of the agricultural raw materials or industrial products, as well as in silos. It is essential to provide necessary conditions of sealing and keep people away from the territory for effective and safe carrying out of this method. Fumigation is also performed in ship holds and containers. One of the advantages of such procedure is that it can be performed not only in the harbor but also to be continued during the ship’s run allowing to protect cargo in an appropriate condition without the delay of the ship.

Fumigation performed by LLC AGRO FUM COMPANY

LLC AGRO FUM COMPANY provides the full range of services in the field of professional protection from pests and the restoration of the normal sanitary and hygienic condition of the premises:

  • Fumigation of products and grain in containers and carriages;
  • Fumigation of products and grain on ships;
  • Fumigation of grain on the elevators;
  • Fumigation of products and grain in warehouses.

Fumigation performed by LLC AGRO FUM COMPANY is performed with the application of certified and registered products, equipment and methods of disinsection certified in Ukraine. Sanitation works are performed by professionals who have received specific training. 

Our company carries out fumigation using products based on aluminum phosphide and magnesium phosphide registered in Ukraine (Phostoxin, Magtoxin, Phostek, Toxiphos, Alphos).