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Desinsection is a type of decontamination of premises, aimed at the extermination of insects with the help of effective chemical or biological substances and mechanical devices. There are rather simple preventative measures of protection from insects, which are the carriers of dangerous infectious diseases. For example, to create adverse conditions for insect habitat and reproduction it`s essential to adhere to sanitary standards of facility operation, perform regular cleaning of premises and surrounding territory, sewer cleaning. It`s also important to carry out control examinations in medical and educational institutions, catering organizations, food industries and household facilities with a certain periodicity. In case there are serious problems with insects you should involve specialists to perform professional and safe desinsection.

Types and advantages of disinsection

Disinsection can be carried out with the application of special mechanical devices – traps, adhesive tapes, electric flycatchers, nets and exposure to high temperatures. Such methods of insects control have a positive effect only along with complex desinsection with the use of biological or chemical insecticides. These substances can be used in liquid, solid or gaseous form and have a toxic effect on different types of insects or larvae under the influence of a certain temperature. In some cases, we use contact poisons or biological substances (for example, spores of microorganisms) which are toxic for some types of insects.

To achieve a sustainable effect in the destruction of rat, mouse and bird fleas or ticks, it is recommended to carry out both disinfection and deratization. The measures to exterminate insects are performed as well as decontamination of basements and working premises where their carriers can live (rodents, birds, stray animals).

Disinsection performed by AGRO FUM COMPANY LLC

AGRO FUM COMPANY LLC provides a full range of services for professional protection from insects and restoration of the normal sanitary and hygienic condition of the premises:

  • Disinsection with cold spray;
  • Hot steam generator;
  • Disinsection with atomization;
  • Mechanical disinsection (using special traps, adhesive taps, and gels).

We provide services in professional disinsection for industrial and food enterprises, catering facilities, medical establishments, kindergartens, etc.

During disinsection, AGRO FUM COMPANY LLC uses products, equipment, and methods certified and registered in Ukraine. Sanitation works are performed by the professionals, who were provided with specific training and are allowed to work according to medical requirements.