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Disinfection is the way of premises sanitation aimed at the extermination of various infectious pathogens and preventing of toxins penetration in skin and mucous. Effective chemical agents, disinfection solution on organic substances are used along with mechanical methods. To prevent the occurrence and spread of dangerous infections pathogens, it is necessary to meet the requirements of sanitary standards for the maintenance of premises: perform regular cleaning of premises and items using special cleaning and disinfecting agents in places public use, in industrial and food facilities; perform wastewater treatment and drinking water disinfection. In the event of the occurrence of serious situations with the spread of infection, it is necessary to perform professional disinfection using the most effective methods.

Types and advantages of disinfection

The use of modern disinfection techniques allows to localize and eliminate foci of infection within a short period of time. The sanitation with the use of mechanical devices is aimed at decreasing the concentration of dangerous microorganisms on different objects and provides fast and effective result in complex with chemical disinfection. Chemical substances, antiseptics or products of biological origin are used for elimination of infectious pathogens. Disinfection with steam-air mixtures is also used.

Disinfection carried out by LLC AGRO FUM COMPANY

LLC AGRO FUM COMPANY provides the full range of services in the field of professional disinfection and the restoration of the normal sanitary and hygienic condition of the industrial premises, food enterprises, medical and children`s educational institutions.

We apply chemical disinfection using modern equipment and disinfection products registered in Ukraine. Sanitation works are performed by the professionals, who have received special training.