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Deratization is a complex of measures aimed at the extermination of rodents in the premises and buildings of various purposes. Nowadays, rather simple preventative measures are used to create unfavorable conditions for rodent breeding and feeding: compliance with the rules for storing food products or raw materials, fulfilling sanitary and technical standards for the maintenance of premises, special processing of garbage and waste. But if these recommendations are ignored, pest control may require professional deratization with the use of effective chemicals or special mechanical devices.

Advantages of deratizaton

Professional deratization allows getting rid of “unwelcomed guests”, who may spread serious infections.

During chemical deratization, special products – rodenticides are used to get rid of the rodents. This method is the most common, as these products give a fast stable effect. Chemicals are added to the decoys and are also used in a gaseous form for the treatment of burrows, passages, trash cans and other habitats of pests.

Also, different appliances are used to catch and exterminate rodents. These are different kinds of traps or special glue. Such methods are often used in the types of premises, where chemicals cannot be used (for example, food enterprises, kindergartens), or in case of complex deratization in order to preliminary determine the number of rodents, and, after the work is complete, to estimate the effectiveness of the chemical processing.

Deratization performed by LLC AGRO FUM COMPANY

LLC AGRO FUM COMPANY provides a full range of professional deratization services for food enterprises, medical institutions and children’s educational institutions, warehouses and other industrial facilities:

  • chemical deratization with the use of rodenticides;
  • mechanical deratization by setting traps.

Deratization of LLC AGRO FUM COMPANY is carried out using products, equipment, and methods of deratization certified and registered in Ukraine. All work is performed by professionals who have been provided with special training.