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Degasification is a set of measures aimed at elimination of dangerous concentrations of toxic gas (from fumigated space or products), that was used during premises and cargo processing for pest control. For example, such gaseous products are used during fumigation for disinfection of industrial or agricultural products, in silos, for cargo processing in containers or ship holds. Degasification is aimed at the full cleanup of these objects from phosphene residual concentration and other dangerous fumigant substances.

Advantages of Degasification

Degasification is used for disinfection of containers, wagons, containers and storage facilities. A full range of work is being carried out to restore the safe condition of the premises, making them suitable for personnel, storing products or raw materials and transporting goods. The installed recirculation system allows us to perform degasification not only on a stationary object but also to perform proper handling of the cargo on the ship’s course or during its stay in the roadstead.

Degasification carried out by LLC AGRO FUM COMPANY

LLC AGRO FUM COMPANY performs professional degasification of on-the-floor storage warehouses, carriages and cargo holds, containers and silos. We apply the following degasification methods:

  • Active degasification with using ventilation;
  • Passive degasification is performed on the basis of airing principle.

Degasification carried out by LLC AGRO FUM COMPANY is performed with the application of equipment and methods certified in Ukraine. Disinfection and degasification are performed by the professionals who passed special training.